Sad Breakup Story (boo-hoo) feat. She’s Gone Band

Play the recording while you read for full, dramatic effect.

Suzanne measured the doorframe by spreading her arms out in front of her. She knew the dryer would fit, but she had to make herself feel more comfortable about it actually making it through. She couldn’t remember when it had was moved into the house. If it made it through the frame then without scratching it up, it would obviously make it now. She could not remember when they moved in. Was it May or June? How many people came with them to help move the appliances? She remembered that they hadn’t done everything in one day. They did most of their furniture on the second day, and the appliances came that first day. But she couldn’t make out who helped them move it and what kind of day it was. She stepped out of the doorframe. It will definitely fit, she decides. It hadn’t rained that day, when they moved in, did it?


“What’s the verdict? Is it going to fit?”

Sue looked at the doorframe again, then back at the dryer. “Yeah, yeah.”

“Well, we brought it in that door.”

“You were here?” Sue asked.

“Yes, babe.”

“When we moved in. You helped us, right?”

“Yes. What the hell are you talking about. Hey, make sure that flower pot is scooched over by that crack there. I don’t want to eat shit.”

Sue walked onto the patio and moved the pot. The scorched soil in the pot clung into itself and made gaps between it and the terra-cotta walls. “Let me help you, dad.”

“I got it.” He bear hugged the dryer and lifted it.

There weren’t any difficult corners to take the appliance. The dryer was in the living room adjacent with the front door. It was a straight line out of the apartment and to the truck bed. Sue’s husband had it made it easier for him. After she and he argued over the appliances (‘I want it to be fair,’ ‘Sticking it out is fair,’ ‘Fine. I’ll take the dryer.’), he drunkenly pushed the dryer from the hallway into the living room. It left a dusty streak against the laminate-wood floor.

“Dad, wait,” Sue said. With his arms around the dryer he wasn’t going to fit. “Let me get one side and you the other.” She stepped outside and leaned down to pick up the dryer. It wasn’t very heavy.

“One, two,three.” They held it underneath. “Just watch out for that crack when you’re walking backwards,” Sue’s dad said.

The dryer hit the frame on both sides.



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