Technical Support: Brazzers

Image: Fernando Botero, Mujer Llorando 02.

This is my conversation with Brazzers sales support. I needed to get my much needed subscription back. I missed that subscription, man. I thought I could live without it, but when I knew that I couldn’t, Ryan helped me get back on track. Sometime soon, I’d like to work this into a story. For now it is raw. Listen along with the recording, or check out this chat log:

7:45:14 p.m. Ryan: Hey Blake, this is Ryan, supervisor in Sales.


7:48:22 p.m. Ryan: It was 59.94 for a year, beginning of September/

7:48:26 p.m. Ryan: ?

7:48:30 p.m. blake: yeah

7:48:34 p.m. blake: well I don’t think I ever got the charge

7:48:36 p.m. blake: or the subscription

7:49:20 p.m. Ryan: Ok.

7:49:26 p.m. Ryan: I’m brazzers

7:49:34 p.m. Ryan: You were billed by a 3rd party.

7:50:24 p.m. blake: It was through probiller chat that I spoke to someone

7:50:30 p.m. blake: so, do I have an active subscription to brazzers then?

7:51:00 p.m. blake: I guess what I mean, I never saw a charge come through my card, either

7:51:02 p.m. Ryan: Checking now.

7:51:10 p.m. blake: unless I am totally mistaken.. I apologize if I am!

7:51:26 p.m. blake: just pulled up my account on brazzers though and don’t have access to


7:51:42 p.m. Ryan: We attempted the charge, but it did not go through

7:51:52 p.m. blake: ohhh okay

7:52:06 p.m. blake: That’s the problem. Well, it should go through now

7:52:14 p.m. blake: Can you run it and start the sub for October?

7:52:32 p.m. blake: the 59.94 for 12 mo’s?

7:53:08 p.m. Ryan: Yep, just confirm the last 4 of the card you want to use.

7:53:38 p.m. Ryan: You can also pick up a lifetime add-on to MOFOS for 59.94. You’d never have to pay for it again.

7:53:42 p.m. blake: [1234]

7:53:56 p.m. Ryan: Ok, one moment.

7:54:00 p.m. Ryan: 59.94 for the year

7:54:00 p.m. blake: no thanks, just the brazzers account

7:54:10 p.m. blake: yes

7:54:12 p.m. blake: thanks!

7:58:03 p.m. Ryan: Call the 1800 nmber on the back of the card while your on chat with me

7:58:17 p.m. Ryan: Type something into here every 3-4 mins to keep active.

7:58:31 p.m. Ryan: Tell them you need the charge from Probiller 59.94 to got rhough.

7:58:37 p.m. Ryan: My ext is 1024 if we get disconnected.

7:59:51 p.m. blake: ii

8:00:03 p.m. blake: sorry

8:00:07 p.m. blake: I was goofin

8:00:11 p.m. blake: Calling them now

8:01:09 p.m. blake: j

8:01:13 p.m. Ryan: Take your time, I’m paid by hour.

8:01:47 p.m. blake: hell yeah

8:02:07 p.m. blake: I an talk to Wells Fargo for a few hours if you’d like

8:02:45 p.m. Ryan: Haha, just keep them on the line until I tell you the charge has gone


8:03:33 p.m. blake: .

8:04:55 p.m. blake: .

8:06:03 p.m. blake: .

8:06:05 p.m. blake: .

8:07:15 p.m. blake: .

8:08:37 p.m. blake: .

8:09:05 p.m. blake: Finished talking to representative

8:09:11 p.m. blake: guess it should be a few minutes

8:09:35 p.m. Ryan: What did they say?

8:09:45 p.m. blake: she authorized the charge

8:09:55 p.m. blake: said it will take a minute to go through

8:10:23 p.m. Ryan: Ok, Ill give it a second

8:11:53 p.m. blake: any luck?

8:12:09 p.m. Ryan: Bingo

8:12:27 p.m. Ryan: Give me 3-4 mins, please log out, Ill have you test it out when im done

8:12:57 p.m. blake: Cool

8:14:23 p.m. blake: Got a beer from the fridge

8:14:25 p.m. blake: I can wait all day

8:16:05 p.m. blake: .

8:17:03 p.m. Ryan: Log in, try it again my friend.

8:17:45 p.m. blake: Ryan, you saved my life

8:18:37 p.m. Ryan: Haha, glad to hear it, if you ever want realitykings or mofos, ask for me,

its 59.94 for a lifetime account

8:18:41 p.m. Ryan: usually at 80

8:18:51 p.m. Ryan: but ill leave the 59.94 active on the account

8:18:53 p.m. blake: you got it

8:18:55 p.m. Ryan: for whenver you want

8:18:59 p.m. Ryan: log in

8:19:03 p.m. Ryan: let me know if its working

8:19:09 p.m. blake: i logged in

8:19:11 p.m. blake: it’s working great

8:21:31 p.m. blake: I appreciate the help

8:24:35 p.m. Support: @blake Your connection has been idle for 0:03:00. You

have to type something within 0:02:00 to remain active on this chat.

*Some links may not be valid after the chat ends.

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